Experience your preset temperature within 30 seconds with our optimised evaporator and blower wheel. Turbo Cooling Convenient auto cleaning function and premium grade air filters Taking Care Of Your Health Silent operation without compromising performance Noise Reduction Design The one and only in the market with hydrophilic gold film coating that offers total corrosion resistance, improved durability and enhanced cooling performance Gold Coated Evaporator A Japanese inspired manufacturing philosophy that thoroughly eliminates defects and errors at the earliest stage of product design to ensure a smooth and ultimate end user experience. TAKANO air conditioners are the total embodiment of this philosophy from its smallest internal parts to the paint coatings of the indoor and outdoor units. if you sign up for our servicing package! 5 + 5-Year extended compressor guarantee for FREE


Turbo Cooling

Noise Reduction Design

Gold Coated Evaporator

Taking care of your health


5 + 5-Year Guarantee

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